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Community leaders of the Helena-West Helena and surrounding areas collaborated to develop an initiative to re-purpose the Eliza Miller School to benefit the whole community. The initiative was led by non-profit organizations, Delta Circles, and the Westside Community Hub. Founding members of the Eliza Miller Opportunity Hub are committed to the mission of creating a public space where youth and families connect to resources that help them live out their full potential, expand their leadership, and give back to their community.

Eliza Miller Opportunity Hub Is Dedicated To

Honoring Our Past

Preserving the history of Eliza Miller School and showcasing other historic leaders.

Owning Our Present

Providing support for community organizations, and entrepreneurs who require a coherent space to develop their programs and services.

Working Together for our Future

The initiative was spearheaded by a 15-member team of local community leaders and youth collaborating with local residents and national community partners.

Become A “Friend Of The Eliza Miller Opportunity Hub”

You are invited to be a part of this initiative by volunteering to share your time, talents and treasures to strengthen the Eliza Miller Opportunity Hub and the entire community. Visit Eliza Miller Opportunity Hub and/or take a moment and share your story of how your experience at Eliza Miller School impacted your life.

For more information, please contact Patricia Ashanti, Executive Director at, Earnest Simpson at, or Rev William Gant at

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