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What We Do

Changing the trajectory of a community.

Delta Circles utilizes techniques to advance economic equity, entrepreneurship and innovation to change the trajectory of communities. By recognizing the value of Black women and rural communities it provides solutions that impact generational change.

Financial Literacy


Innovation and Technology Hub 

Our Mission

To support families to end poverty and challenge the way that Black women think
about themselves, their finances, and their businesses.


Our History

Growing up as a product of generational poverty, Delta Circles' founder, Patricia Ashanti, didn't realize how little she knew about personal finances until, life happened. Yet, she knew that she wanted to prevent others from going  through the same hardships she experienced due to lack of knowledge.

Therefore, with a personal commitment to teach financial literacy, Patricia Ashanti, started Delta Circles with a group of four women, meeting on Sunday afternoons to examine the effects of poverty in their lives. They were committed to improving not only their lives, but the lives of their families and community.  They soon realized that ending poverty would not start by simply counting the change in their purses, but by changing mindsets. That community effort later turned into a non-profit organization located in Helena, Arkansas.

Later, in 2019, Delta Circles galvanized community leaders once again in an effort that led to transforming an abandon school campus into an opportunity hub. The hub is uniquely positioned to bring   innovation and technology to rural communities in the Delta.

Our Vision

To create revitalized communities where self-sufficiency is a generational norm, and where residents
can pay for the things, they need and desire. To also encourage revolutionary innovation and inspire communities to re-imagine possibilities to thrive.

Working with Laptop at Home
Woman with Freckles

Valuable. Powerful. Worthy. 
Black Women of the Arkansas Delta

Delta Circles believes that investing in Black women is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and acquiring economic prosperity for  Delta communities.

Store Owner Using Laptop
  • Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America

  • Black women own 60% of Black-owned businesses in Arkansas

  • Delta communities have the highest concentration of women-owned businesses in Arkansas

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